Advisory Services

Virtual CIO/CISO Professional Services

Whether you need an advisor for a day, a couple of hours a month, or over the course of a year, Finkner & Associates has the flexibility to help resource your executive needs within your budget. 

Cybersecurity Advisory and Assessments

NIST 800-53r5, FedRamp, GDPR, CCPA, NIST CSF, HIPPA, CISA: All of these anacronyms can become confusing at times, but yet depending upon what your business does, its critical to understand how your affected and what regulations apply. 

At Finkner & Associates, we will spend the time helping you understand, in non-technical terms, what you need to look out for and how to secure your business and stay compliant within the changing regulatory landscape. We will work with you, your staff, and your vendors to provide an independent assessment of where you stand, and what actions you can take within your budget to mitigate the most critical risks. 

Since we don't provide any other service other than our knowledge, you can rest assured knowing we're not tailoring our work to drive additional sales. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Time and time again, the best defense against data breaches is keeping your team trained and aware of ever evolving threats. Often however, the only training employees have is when they first join an organization. Relying on published computer "business use" policies and procedures is great, but are they effective and is your team reminded of their obligations?

From providing one-time cybersecurity awareness training to scheduled bi-yearly certification programs, we can help raise the knowledge of your team and allow you to use them more effectively as a defense against ransomware, phishing, and data loss. 

IoT and Cloud Security 

Cloud, Cloud, Cloud.  Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, IoT, Connect Home, Connect Car. Everyone is talking about cloud these days but what does it all mean in the end, and is your data truly secured. 

At Finkner & Associates, we not only have the experience helping customers understand cloud technologies and securing data with their cloud provider, our founder is double certified (CISSP and CCSP) by the worlds leading cybersecurity professional organization (ISC)2, as well as the Cloud Security Alliance (CCSK), so you can rest assured knowing we've been vetted.

Current Industry Certifications:

Legacy Application Migration Issues

Do you have an old or custom desktop based application running your business, or an old database on an outdated server you're afraid to even reboot? Well surprisingly, you're not alone.

From simple migration of applications to new desktops, re-platforming databases to cloud services, to in the case of one of our clients where we needed to rewrite a 15 year old Visual Basic 6 application, we been around the block for a long time. With that experience in both the newest and oldest technologies, we can help your team of developers and administrators get over the hurdles and secure those old platforms. In addition, Finkner & Associates can also bring in developers who have retained their original skills in older programming languages to help drive critical transformations and document your existing business process. 

C2C Resource Augmentation

Are you an existing Cybersecurity Advisory firm with a big project and no resources, and you're hesitant to hire a resource for a short duration? We can help.

Finkner & Associates is fully insured with Business Liability and Errors & Omissions insurance with a top national insurer. We can quickly establish a C2C advisory agreement and "white glove" resources without the need for you to issue 1099s or W2s. Lets us know where you have gaps and we'll be glad to help fill them! All of our services are available for C2C agreements as well. 

Program and Project Management

Have a cybersecurity project that continues to stall, or perhaps an old legacy telephony system that's costing you hundreds a month? With our 28 years of experience getting technical transformation projects across the line, Finkner & Associates can help "heard the cats" and get you back on track so you can stay focused on your business.

Vendor Evaluation and Contract Negotiations

Looking to execute a managed services contract with a vendor, but are unsure what your buying or don't have a good "gut" feel? Or, is one of your customers running a competitive RFP you want to respond to, but don't have the time or experience? Let us help you make sense of a vendor's proposal or an RFP, so you can make an informed decision and stay competitive.

Finkner & Associates is experienced in developing and responding to RFPs, conducting vendor evaluations, and providing direct technical contract negotiations with some of biggest companies and consultancy firms out there. So, if you just need some help understanding what your buying, or are looking to go big and win a very competitive technical RFP, we're there to help you meet your objectives

Human Resources and Employment Background Services

The local, state, and federal laws around Human Resources and conducting pre-employment background screening are not only complex, they can impose significant fines if you are out of compliance or violate an individuals rights while making an employment decision under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

While Finkner & Associates does not provide these services directly, we do work with several trusted partners who can help you understand your obligations and protect your business. 

Financial Software Analysis and Conversion